South of the city renowned architects alternate impressive residential towers with lower buildings for flats, service flats, schools, sports hall, student flats and social housing. By 2028 almost 2,000 residences will house over 5,000 inhabitants in het Nieuw Zuid, known as the New South.

Nieuw Zuid is planned to be sustainable and smart. All buildings will be heated with renewable energy from its own heat network. Using smart ICT solutions residents will be able to monitor and control their heating and water consumption on smartphone or computer. Antwerp aims to be climate-neutral by 2050. This new development serves as a unique laboratory to test new techniques and human behaviour.

As one of the first private investors in Nieuw Zuid, Bank van Breda secured the old freight station to house their new headquarters and preserved a piece of history in doing so. The Court of Justice (2006) designed by Richard Rogers Office links Nieuw Zuid with the new Campus South (2018) of the Karel de Grote Hogeschool. Both locations will be connected via a green corridor, as part of the planned green belt (Groene Singel) around the city. Nearby, the newly transformed Scheldt quays offer a surprisingly broad view towards the river. This project was recently awarded the prize for ‘best public space’.

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